/Reference: XRHMultiTube for Aker Solutions
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  • multitube-steel-endless-weld-tube-pipe-inspection-xray-automated-film-cr-dr-welding-en-17636 röntgenanlage automatisierte Röntgeninspektion xray solution

Reference: XRHMultiTube for Aker Solutions

The inspection of pipes in the oil and gas industry is a difficult challenge. To make this process easier, VisiConsult developed the XRHMultiTube. This innovative system is specialized for the inspection of welds in endless pipes. The sophisticated roof mounted C-Arm manipulator allows a comprehensive double wall inspection complying to EN-17636. The X-ray system has a tilting axis to allow elliptical weld inspection from multiple angles. The high efficiency is reached through the parallel inspection of multiple welding lines. The magnification can be changed dynamically to adjust the resolution. Furthermore, the tube and detector can be rotated 330 degrees around the pipe center to achieve multiple angles.

The company Aker Solutions from Norway is a global provider of products, systems and services to the oil and gas industry. VisiConsult was very pleased as it became their supplier for the XRHMultiTube. Adjustments have been made, so that the company can achieve the best outcomes with the highest quality in terms of image resolution and processing. Experience brilliant images are achievable through the Xplus image enhancement system from VisiConsult.

VisiConsult is looking forward to work together with Aker Solutions in the future for further X-ray inspection projects. More information about the XRHMultiTube can be found here.


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