The battery operated and highly mobile X-ray systems from VisiConsult support special forces all around the world to inspect suspicious objects, like unattended baggage at the airport, in a contactless way. This way operators can perform detailed inspections from a safe distance.

The world is on a turning point as Islamic terror and international conflicts are daily issues and becoming a thread for the public safety. These days it is getting more and more important to prevent dangerous situations before they occur. Most important is the prevention of personal damage. The responsible law enforcement squads have to face a tough challenge at this point. Especially terroristic attacks with improvised explosive devices (IOD) are difficult to prevent. For different reasons suspicious objects are often found in sensible areas. Is that black suitcase on the train station just a lost bag or a remote controlled bomb? In the past counter terrorist or ordnance disposal forces had to open the objects under highest personal risk. X-ray technology allows to look straight through it.

The innovative X-ray solutions from VisiConsult allow special forces, which are mostly military and police counter terrorist squads, to take the right decision in short and hectic situations. Battery operated X-ray tubes and digital detectors create a high-resolution image that highlights even smallest wires and igniters. Incorporating remote controlled robots and Wi-Fi it is possible to inspect potential threats from a safe distance. This way operators can do educated decisions without entering the danger zone. All devices are customized to fit the special purpose and tasks of the operators.

Besides the security technology VisiConsult X-ray Systems & Solutions GmbH is one of the global players in the sector of industrial material testing and delivers its innovative X-ray solutions worldwide. The customized Non Destructive Testing (NDT) solutions are widely used in the aerospace, Oil & Gas and automotive industry. Renowned customers, like Boeing, BMW and Siemens, improve their quality control through fully automated inspection and decision systems.

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