As the world is shaken by international conflicts, VisiConsult is providing high-end solutions to support special forces all around the globe. Our product portfolio contains sophisticated Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD), Improvised Explosive Device Disposal (IEDD) and forensic inspection devices based on X-ray technology.

Proven through hundreds of delivered systems worldwide the Xplus Security stands for reliability and efficiency in-field. Advanced inspection and archiving routines can be carried out through a single tap on the day-light touch-panel. The basic principle is simplicity to support forces in high pressure situations.  The following sub-pages give an intro to the base software and additional modules like robot integration, long range WiFi technology, CR-plates image sources, dual energy or the forensics add-on for high accuracy counter surveillance assistance. In case of special requirements VisiConsult as a solution provider is flexible to adapt the inspection processes or even the software to the customer.



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The Xplus Security is a comprehensive inspection suite. The intuitive One-Button operation reduces acquisition time in dangerous environments. High level image enhancement and measurement is applied through a single tap on the touch-screen while mission reports are generated automatically. This section introduces the basic features of the software.

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The Xplus Security HE allows the use of constant beam, high energy X-ray sources over 300kV. Typical applications are inspections of specimens with big wall thicknesses like metal crates or aerial bombs. The image enhancement toolbox is fine-tuned towards high penetration of up to 60mm steel. The HE module extends the functionality of the base software, while maintaining the One Button working principle.

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The Xplus Security Robot offers the ultimate safety for operators as the inspection can be controlled from outside of the danger zone. Being fully integrated to renown solutions like tEODor and telemax the X-ray images are shown directly on the robot remote control in real-time through long range WiFi. The standardized holder C-arm can mount all available flat panel systems and CR-plates.

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The Xplus Security Wi-Fi allows real-time image acquisition and control over a range of 1.200 meters. A big advantage is that the time operators have to spend in the danger zone is minimized. VisiConsult developed a sophisticated long range Wi-Fi including repeater boxes to ensure a reliable connection. This module can be added to most flat-panel solutions.

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The Xplus Security CR allows to interface high accuracy and battery operated IP-plate scanners. The big advantage of this technology is that IP-plates are very thin, flexible and have no border around the active area. To retrieve the digital image, the plate has to be scanned and can be viewed immediately in the Xplus.