/VisiConsult receives NF C 74-100 certification for the French market
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  • NFC Zertifizierung röntgenanlage automatisierte Röntgeninspektion xray solution

VisiConsult receives NF C 74-100 certification for the French market

VisiConsult has received the certification of the French standard NF C 74-100 for its innovative counting system XRHCount.

The XRHCount is the leading contactless counting system for electronic components. Because of high demand in France, VisiConsult modified the system to comply with the certification of the standard NF C 74-1000. This certification allows to directly register X-ray systems in France. This also includes compliance to NF C 15-160 and ensures that the system can be operated.

To obtain the approval the French certification agency Bureau Veritas performed a sophisticated check on the system to verify specific safety criterions are fulfilled. For example, there must be evidence of radiation safety, electrical compliance and a French language. To test the machine, an engineer visited VisiConsult X-ray Systems & Solutions GmbH and checked the whole XRHCount extensively. The Bureau Veritas rated the X-ray system as safe und handed in the certificate. Besides the CE-certification and the CSA-certification (Canada), VisiConsult now achieved the NFC-certification. More certifications will follow as demanded by our international customers.

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