/Huge success of the second X-ray Technology Day
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  • X-Ray TechnologyDay 2018

Huge success of the second X-ray Technology Day

VisiConsult organized the second X-ray Technology Day in Stockelsdorf near Lübeck on 20th and 21st February. With renowned speakers and interesting topics, the day turned out as a big success.

VisiConsult welcomed a total of 64 guests on the company premises in Stockelsdorf. The event focused on industrial X-rays, computed tomography, industry 4.0 and automation. In addition to many interesting contributions from various internal and external speakers, practical hands-on sessions were also held with the participants. Furthermore, the event was used for cross-industry networking with researchers, test-responsible and NDT managers. Participants came from various industries from aerospace to automotive. VisiConsult itself presented the latest innovations and developments and also showcased possibilities to increase efficiency and quality. The company is proud that so many participants were interested and looks forward to the next X-ray Technology Day.

The family owned company VisiConsult from Northern Germany is a leading supplier of customized solutions in the field of non-destructive testing using X-ray technology. It exports high technology worldwide for testing of aerospace components or the automotive sector. The fully automated solutions check that there are no hidden or structural defects. Furthermore, the company is a leader in the field of public safety X-ray equipment, so the mobile systems mobile check suspect baggage and defuse bombs worldwide. VisiConsult is proud to contribute with its solutions to a safe world.




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