/VisiConsult digitizes X-ray inspection at a leading aerospace maintenance company with automated system
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VisiConsult digitizes X-ray inspection at a leading aerospace maintenance company with automated system

Recently, a well-known maintenance and repair (MRO) company invested in the flexible XRHGantry system from VisiConsult to perform nondestructive testing on turbine parts. This speeds up the inspection process of heavy, large and complex components while ensuring the highest quality. The XRHGantry is a roof mounted system with seven programmable axes. Throughput and running costs have been significantly reduced through the use of the digital technology.

The flexible system design enables the XRHGantry to fulfill the most demanding test requirements. A special highlight is the tilting axis, which enables elliptical inspection of double wall welds to achieve a direct film replacement. Due to the extensive axes and a small focal spot a strong magnification is possible. The ultra-precise motors can be used to automate existing techniques into CNC sequences. Heavy parts can be moved in the inspection room with the mobile turntable or through the overhead crane.

The newest customer, a so-called MRO operation, reconditions and repairs aircrafts after a certain amount of flight hours. This always includes a nondestructive testing of all safety relevant components. Smallest cracks or other defects inside the component can be detected and repaired. Aviation is the industry with the highest safety and quality standards. Therefore, the high-end X-ray systems from VisiConsult are used in those cases to ensure the integrity of parts like the high-critical turbine components.

The Xplus image enhancement system ensures brilliant images with its proven certified image quality. VisiConsult is proud that the software meets the demanding standards of NADCAP, Boeing or Airbus. In addition to this installation, the system has already been installed in large quantities worldwide and is particularly well-known in the aerospace industry for the testing of composites and tube welds.
Layout and dimensions are always adapted to customer requirements. VisiConsult as a solution provider has the philosophy that customers should not adapt their process to the system, but the other way around. Even in existing X-ray rooms, the roof mounted system can be easily installed as a retro fit.

VisiConsult X-ray Systems & Solutions is with 65 employees the leading manufacturer of high-quality digital X-ray inspections systems and is based in Stockelsdorf. The family owned company is known for highest quality (ISO 9001 certified) and reliable customer service. The company’s main focus is on high end solutions, such as automated evaluation software, image enhancement, computed tomography and robotics.

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