VisiConsult X-ray Systems & Solutions, the leading specialist in X-ray technology and automation, is setting new standards with a very fast and reliable in-line inspection system. Especially industries with high production volume and very short cycle time benefit from the innovative solution.

The fully automatic X-ray system XRHRobotStar, developed by the German company VisiConsult, reduces the inspection time to an absolute minimum. By parallelizing the loading, unloading and testing steps the cycle time is just depending on the number of test positions.

The X-ray equipment is mounted on a C-arm, which is attached to a robot. This ensures a fast and free movement. The groundbreaking innovation is the development of an optical stereo system that measures the position of the parts. The robot will adapt to this offset for the automatic defect recognition (ADR). This makes part holders and exact positioning unnecessary.

The result is a far more flexible, scalable and faster system. The cabinet is available with a belt or star conveyor system depending on the parts and application. Because of the short cycle time and high reliability the system is especially eligible for industries with an automated 24/7 production and high volumes. For a convenient archiving and seamless compatibility all results can be processed into a DICONDE server. The first cabinets have already been installed at a casting part supplier for a prestigious German car manufacturer with great success. You will find VisiConsult during the annual ASNT show in Salt Lake City on booth 342 for further information or expert talk.