DICONDE storage

DICONDE (Digital Imaging and Communication in Non Destructive Evaluation) is a vendor neutral communication protocol and ASTM compliant archiving tool. VisiConsult offers a comprehensive conformance statement for embedded solutions and a standalone enterprise server.

Modern day inspection consists of many different methods and sub-processes like visual inspection, ultra-sonic, hardness-testing, X-ray inspection and many more. DICONDE is a file format and communication protocol that ensures the compatibility between every single step and makes sure all information is saved lossless in compliance to the international standards. The Xplus offers, among many other storage solution, a vendor neutral and scalable DICONDE functionality to archive the inspection results.

In order to ensure compatibility to existing servers VisiConsult has a compliant conformance statement. In case no solution is present the system can also run as a standalone enterprise server. In many industries, for example aerospace, safe storage of the inspection results is compulsory during the product live-cycle by law. This led to huge physical film archives and was a huge burden for Digital Radiography (DR). With DICONDE manufacturers can ensure the image integrity conforming to ASTM standards and easily do the efficiency increasing switch from RT to DR/CR. As a great side effect no film archives have to be maintained anymore.

  • Lossless archiving of images and inspection results
  • Compliant DICONDE conformance statement
  • Embedded or running as a stand-alone server
  • Compliant to ASTM-E2339, E2699, E2738, E2767
  • One click operation for the end-user