/XRH222 TL reference video at the casting company Ohm and Haner
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  • VisiConsult Reference Ohm and Haener XRH222 TL

XRH222 TL reference video at the casting company Ohm and Haner

Especially the X-ray inspection of big and heavy parts is a huge challenge for casting manufacturers and foundries. In the past the specimens had to be maneuvered in small cabinet openings, while risking to damage the precious X-ray equipment. Alternatively one could work in expensive and unflexible X-ray bunkers. As the leading supplier of customized X-ray solutions VisiConsult developed a cabinet with an angled door and opening roof based on customer requirements. All information about the system can be found on the XRH222 TL product page.

The company Ohm und Häner Metallwerk from Olpe in Germany is a high-end casting manufacturer for safety relevant parts (trains, automotive, valves, etc.) with highest quality standards. Their choice of X-ray solution supplier was VisiConsult X-ray Systems & Solutions GmbH because of the high flexibility, excellent quality and reliable service. Within a few weeks the O+H casting-engineers and VisiConsult X-ray experts developed an inspection concept and system layout. Through this innovative and revolutionary approach, which has never been seen before in the field of X-ray inspection, O+H was able to eliminate the inspection bottleneck. Furthermore it was possible to increase the throughput to win a big order with huge volume, while even decreasing the costs for quality control. The system was so successful that after just a few weeks Ohm and Haner ordered the standard version XRH222 for their smaller parts and Computed Tomography (CT) analyses. VisiConsult is proud to have another happy customer and one of the most innovative cabinet solutions worldwide in our portfolio.

Ludger Ohm, casting engineer and owner of Ohm and Häner Metallwerk, says about the system:

As we received a high volume order of big and heavy gearboxes for high speed trains, we decided to purchase the X-ray cabinet with the opening roof to have an easier and faster part handling. This was a custom solution and except VisiConsult nobody was able to offer such a system.

After just five months we had the system fully working on site and were so happy that we ordered also a XRH222 for other casting parts. I can just say: Top company, business on a handshake, one call is sufficient to get things started and there is no need for unnecessary formalities. There is a trust relationship that I love as a company owner.

The below reference video will show the capabilities of the XRH222 TL. The footage is recorded inside the production and inspection floor of Ohm and Haner and shows the system in the field. The original speech of Mr. Ohm about VisiConsult is also included, so turn on your headphones and activate the subtitles if you do not understand German. In case of further questions please contact us directly. Most important: Do not adapt to the system – let the system adapt to your process. Experience high efficiency and cost savings by going custom – the future of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT).

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