A special challenge in the inspection of heavy and big parts is the difficult part-handling. An efficient solution increases the throughput while reducing the costs. To provide the most convenient solution VisiConsult developed a revolutionary top loader version of the renewned XRH222.

Especially for very big and heavy parts like steel castings the handling can become a tedious task that slows down the complete inspection process and costs a lot of money. To solve this problem VisiConsult developed the XRH222TL with a completely new approach: The angled doors allow parts to be lowered through the roof of the cabinet by a crane.

As the part manipulator does not have to be driven out of the cabinet for (un)loading, it is possible to use ultra-precise motors that allow a high accuracy CT inspection. All axes remain CNC controllable and therefore common inspection procedures can be automated into sequences. The image source can be freely chosen depending on the application while the X-ray source can go up to 450kV. VisiConsult as a solution provider has the philosophy that our customers should not adapt their processes to our systems but the other way around. Therefore, the dimensions of the XRH222TL can be modified.

  • Xplus: Clear digital radiography images including live enhancement
  • Convenient handling and inspection of big, heavy and complex parts
  • Automatic Defect Recognition (ADR) and programmable CNC drives
  • Heavy duty part manipulator with ultra-precise axes
  • Capable of advanced 3D analysis with Computed Tomography (