/XRHCount integrated to Fuji Nexim and becomes Smart Factory member
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  • Fuji Nexim Smart Factory Integration Partner

XRHCount integrated to Fuji Nexim and becomes Smart Factory member

Fuji Machine Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has announced the addition of VisiConsult X-ray Systems & Solutions GmbH to the Fuji Smart Factory members. This integration directly into the shopfloor management system (MES) and Warehouse Management system (ERP) allows highest efficiency.

The contactless counting system XRHCount allows electronic manufacturers to count SMD-reels even inside ESD bags in less than 10 seconds. This reduces the labor costs by a huge amount, while driving up efficiency, throughput and inventory accuracy.

Through the standardization of the communication protocol between X-ray system machines and Nexim/Trax integrated manufacturing systems developed by Fuji, VisiConsult can connect to Fuji’s Smart Factory with Nexim to create a production placing system that extends beyond the boundaries of corporations. This significantly contributes to the production of high quality products and high Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) at user sides. Read all information in the official FUJI press release.

Visit Fuji and VisiConsult on the SMTAI in Rosemont (25.-29.09. booth 200), United States. Afterwards the integration will be showcased in the Smart Factory showroom in Chicago. Experience the difference caused by never seen data accuracy.

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