[Stockelsdorf, 2019/03/11] On March 11, the developer and manufacturer of X-ray solutions, VisiConsult, welcomed the minister of Schleswig-Holstein Dr. Buchholz, and the mayor of Stockelsdorf Mrs. Samtleben for a tour and conversations.

Already last November, Dr. Buchholz met the Commercial Director, Lennart Schulenburg, at the future congress of the Hansebelt. A visit by the Minister of Economic Affairs at the internationally growing company from Stockelsdorf was seen as a matter of course to gain a deeper insight into the company and to exchange views. No sooner said than done: On Monday, March 11, the mayor of Stockelsdorf was welcomed, in addition to the Minister of Economic Affairs.

Hajo Schulenburg, Managing Director of VisiConsult, introduced the company and a large project that was recently completed in the city of Speyer at the company PFW. Finn Schulenburg, Technical Director, was on site for the installation and said: “Our system XRHRobotStar has maintained the existing production line of our costumer PFW, while expanding materials testing.” Due to the unmanned system PFW gains process reliability through, for example, automatic fault detection and can also reduce its systems operational   costs.

After the presentation, there was a tour through the modern halls of VisiConsult. The application does the testing of sample components for customers. In the production hall were also some trainees. “We have a total of nine colleagues who complete their training with us”, said Silke Schulenburg, who is responsible for human resources.

At the end of the meeting, the management got together with their political guests to discuss future challenges from their perspective. Hajo Schulenburg explains: “As Minister of Economy, Transport, Labor, Technology and Tourism, Dr. Buchholz is a valuable conversation partner for us. And we appreciate that Mrs. Samtleben has also taken time for us.”