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XRHCount: Expanding to China

Together with AmericanTec, VisiConsult will now cover the Chinese market, which is one of the most important and fastest growing electronic manufacturing hubs in the world. VisiConsult X-ray Systems & Solutions GmbH in cooperation with AmericanTec is establishing a local support and sales representation for the XRHCount in China

. The [...]

30. June 2016|Electronics, General|

Industry 4.0: Reduce costs through component counting and interconnected technology

VisiConsult X-ray Systems & Solutions GmbH, the leading specialist for industrial X-ray equipment and automation, developed a new and innovative solution for the automatic counting of SMD-components on reels with intelligent type estimation. Especially electronic manufacturers in Europe face an enormous cost pressure from competitors based in low-wage countries. Time [...]

28. June 2016|Allgemein, Electronics, Innovations, Software|

XRHCount – The revolution in SMT counting

Today, mass-market electronics are manufactured almost exclusively on high-performance assembly machines. Time is literally money. Therefore, two aspects are of particular importance: maximum quantities and minimum changeover time. When it comes to the necessity of counting components before or after the assembly progress most manufacturers are still using the old-fashioned [...]

28. December 2015|Electronics, General, Innovations, Service|

XRHRobotStar: The completely automated in-line X-ray inspection system

VisiConsult X-ray Systems & Solutions, leading specialist in X-ray technology and automation, is setting new standards with a very fast and reliable inline inspection system.

30. September 2015|ADR, Automotive, Casting, General, Innovations, NDT|
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