/dormakaba is convinced by the component counting system from VisiConsult
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  • XRHCount - Xray component counting

dormakaba is convinced by the component counting system from VisiConsult

The dormakaba Group located in Switzerland has evaluated the SMD component counting system XRHCount, that has been developed by VisiConsult X-ray Systems & Solutions, and is convinced of the high quality and accuracy of the X-ray system.

The dormakaba Group located in Rümlang in Switzerland is one of the top three providers of access and security solutions for buildings and rooms. Therefore, the company offers solutions for hotels, shops, sport facilities, airports, hospitals, households and offices around the world. dormakaba, at its production site in Ennepetal in Germany, was looking for some support for the annual inventory and found the electronical component counting system XRHCount from VisiConsult. With the counting system, based on X-ray technology, it was possible to count about 2000 SMD reels within one and a half day. VisiConsult has provided the operator for the counting process, who has put the labels with the updated counting result directly on the reels. 95% of the whole inventory was countable with an accuracy of more than 99.99%, so that no additional training was necessary.

“We have used the service from VisiConsult for the second time and again we are very satisfied with the fast and high-qualified performance of the X-ray system”, says production manager Jürgen Klöther from dormakaba. “The XRHCount helped us to conduct the annual inventory reliable and properly, so that the approval done by an auditor on site worked out without any problems”.

VisiConsult’s innovative X-ray counting system is used in many companies and is continually booked for annual inventories, like recently by DELTEC Automotive GmbH & Co. KG, which has preferred the XRHCount compared to another system from the competition. Besides the electronical sector, VisiConsult also produces systems for non-destructive testing, which are used in the automotive, aerospace and pipe industry as well as in the security sector.

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