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This XRHGantry version is designed for the inspection of high energy applications for thick and heavy parts. Typical use cases are within the aerospace and defense sector. The system is equipped with a 600kV X-ray source and can also be upgraded to linear accelerators or Betatrons. The automated cart can bring parts into the system on rails. 

Designed to allow a flexible inspection process nine independently CNC controlled axes let the XRHGantry fulfill even the most advanced requirements. Additionally, the system is equipped with a 16-inch digital detector, a tube sided shielding bar and an ultra-precise diaphragm. The high precisions of the turntables allow even Computed Tomography (CT) scans of the objects. The system was especially designed for tangential real-time inspection of solid-state rocket motors. Nevertheless, the system can be adapted to many applications.

Through the CNC-capable motors and the Xplus Handle, common inspection procedures can be automated into sequences. The coupled movement ensures that the detector and tube are always perpendicular to avoid distortion. Image sources can be freely chosen depending on the application while the X-ray source can go up to 600kV or even linear accelerators. The certified image quality of the Xplus image enhancement system ensures brilliant images.

VisiConsult is especially proud to manufacture products that are certified by the NADCAP and Boeing 7042/7044 standard. The XRHGantry system is designed to speed up the inspection process by using digital X-ray detectors (DDA). The image enhancement, handling system, safety control and the DICONDE storage are bundled into one comprehensive workstation for a maximum convenience. The layout and dimensions can be modified upon the customer requirements. VisiConsult as a solution provider has the philosophy that customers should not adapt their processes to our systems but the other way around. Therefore, the dimensions of the XRHGantry can be modified to fit your inspection room. If there is no existing inspection room, the system is delivered in a modular X-ray cabinet.

The family business from Northern Germany is a leading supplier of customized solutions in the field of non-destructive testing using X-ray technology and also offers many standard systems. In addition to the XRHGantry, systems for small to large components or automated systems belong to the product portfolio.