On 29th September 2018 the award gala of the 24th competition “Grand Prix of the Middle Class” or Mittelstand in Germany took place in Düsseldorf in Germany. The prize is organized and awarded annually by the Oskar Patzelt Foundation. VisiConsult was honored as one of three finalists from Schleswig-Holstein.

“Shaping the future” is the motto of this year’s competition.4917 small and medium sized enterprises were nominated nationwide. All nominated companies are innovative with strong values, clear strategy and high flexibility. 11 companies were awarded with the desirable prize and were thus able to prevail against 1487 competitors in this category. Tobias Hans, Prime Minister of the Saarland: “Middle class means innovation and motivation, continuity and fairness. The importance of the middle class for Germany is reflected in this year’s motto “Shaping the future”.”

Lennart Schulenburg was pleased and proud to receive the award for VisiConsult at the awards gala: “We are extremely proud to be recognized as one of the flagship SMEs. An absolute goose bump moment that you won’t forget.” VisiConsult was on the nominated list for the second time after 2015. With world-class X-ray systems, the company has made it to the finalists this year. Above all, it was able to score points with its direct and agile leadership as well as its flexibility and innovativeness. VisiConsult was also able to create an absolute unique selling point as a global provider of customized X-ray systems for non-destructive material testing.

The family business VisiConsult from Northern Germany is a leading provider of customized solutions in the field of non-destructive testing with X-ray technology. It exports high technology worldwide for the testing of components for the aerospace or automotive sector. The fully automatic solutions check that there are no hidden or structural defects. It is also a leader in public safety X-ray equipment, enabling the mobile systems to inspect suspicious bags and disarm bombs around the world. VisiConsult is proud to contribute to a safe world with its solutions.

Photographer: Boris Löffert, Andreas Schebesta; Source: Oskar-Patzelt-Stiftung