The German Handtmann aluminum casting house improves its quality assurance by using a digital X-ray and Computed Tomography system of VisiConsult X-ray Systems & Solutions.

In times of lightweight-construction a high quality of safety-relevant castings is indispensable. The Handtmann aluminum casting house replaces the old analog XCube system from GE through the new digital version XRH222 of the company VisiConsult. Next to the detail recognizability, the throughput and the automation degree could also be improved. Furthermore, the modular system offers Computed Tomography (CT) for development purposes. With this feature, internal structures and defects can be visualized and measured in a three-dimensional way. “Thanks to the good communication and high commitment of the VisiConsult team, our company could take the next step in digitizing the quality assurance.”, says Heiko Blei, production manager – foundry in Annaberg, Germany. In times of industry 4.0 and increasingly complex customer requirements such forward-looking investments ensure the long-term competitiveness in western countries. “We are proud to win another renowned customer in the demanding automotive industry.”, says Lennart Schulenburg, head of sales at VisiConsult.

The Handtmann aluminum casting house has its headquarter in Biberbach in Baden-Württemberg. The main portfolio of the group are metal castings and system components for the automotive industry and some other industries.

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