/Business collaborations strengthen quality and performance
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  • XRHRobotStar - Industrielle Röntgenprüfung

Business collaborations strengthen quality and performance

In different industries companies cooperate to provide their customers an additional value. People might wonder which additional value they gain from such a collaboration. Also VisiConsult X-ray Systems & Solutions GmbH, a company from Northern Germany raised this question a few years ago. The specialist for customized X-ray inspection solutions develops systems for different industries like the automotive and aerospace sector. The company ‘BMB – Gesellschaft für Materialprüfung mbH’ is the leading service provider for non-destructive testing of casting, forging and plastic parts and mainly works with the testing-systems from VisiConsult. The target of the collaboration in the non-destructive testing sector is a mutual strengthening of the companies to improve quality and customized performance.

The collaboration has provided benefits for both specialists. The companies support each other by improving their company processes permanently. ’To question the current status over and over, develop convincing visions together and nevertheless put quality on first place, that is the essence of the working relationship between VisiConsult and BMB’, describes Hajo Schulenburg, director of VisiConsult, the collaboration.

Hans M. Berg, one of the three directors of BMB, is also convinced by the advantages of the close collaboration. ‘We strongly believe that we can only provide ‘proven reliability’ to our customers together with a great partner. When our customers want to start a test object in high quantity right away within a short time period, we urgently need an X-ray system from VisiConsult, which can be configurated via remote maintenance. If the collaboration would not work, this would lead to an assembly line stop at one of our customers’. Just recently, VisiConsult developed a full automatic X-ray inspection system, the XRHRobotStar, in collaboration with BMB. The prompt development, high quality and simple integration of the system proves the successful collaboration. ‘It is no secret, how strongly we appreciate to work with another family company together. We are looking forward to the upcoming years of collaboration with VisiConsult, which will be certainly as successful as always,’ says director Berg.

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