Xplus Security

The Xplus Security is the “One for all” inspection suite for law enforcement squads operating in the field of Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD), Improvised Explosive Device Disposal (IEDD) and forensics or similar. Typical users are special forces, armies, border polices and secret services.

We are proud to contribute to a safer world through an easy to use “One-Button” software that allows operators to do fast and clear decisions in-field – even in hectic situations. To maintain a maximum flexibility, the Xplus Security can be used with several image sources like CR-plates or Flat Panel Detectors (FPD/DDA). Images can be reviewed in real-time through modern long-range Wi-Fi technology to operate from a safe distance, while the system is completely battery operated. The complete system can be transported conveniently in a backpack or Peli-case complying with international army standards to guarantee a maximum mobility. Through hundreds of delivered systems and an extensive service network worldwide VisiConsult is the premium supplier in this field.

  • “One Button” operation for intuitive handling through pre-defined sequences
  • High resolution and image enhancement filters for advanced visual inspection
  • Comprehensive measurement and decision-assistance functions
  • Extensive archiving options and integrated mission log archive
  • Embedded in a ruggedized notebook with day-light certified touch display

The core of every system is our in-house developed image enhancement system Xplus Security that constantly sets new standards. Over 25 years of experience in industrial and security X-ray applications and a permanent development lead to excellent inspection results and proven processes. Quality and reliability are the basic principles for all our security products to guarantee a maximum operator safety.

Advanced features like automated image enhancement, extensive measurement, mission logs, forensics toolbox, dual-energy and many more are performed by a single tap on the touch screen of the ruggedized notebooks. The Xplus Security has hundreds of successful installations worldwide and is highly recognized in the field of IOD, IED and forensics. VisiConsult as a flexible solution provider is open towards software and hardware modifications to tailor the systems towards specific process or inspection requirements.

Image enhancement

Fast and reliable image enhancement to spot even tiniest details.

The Xplus Security offers the whole bandwidth of industrial inspection tools, fine-tuned towards the demands of security, army or police forces. As an absolute highlight the AutoEnhancer applies sophisticated filters through a single click. Combined with dynamic noise reduction operators can discover structures that were not visible to the human eye before.

In dangerous missions it is important to act fast, therefore all functions are programmed into “One-Click” sequences to increase efficiency and reliability. Functions: Contrast enhancement, grey-value leveling, edge detection, color coding, 3D-projection, Pseudo-3D filter, Gaussian filter, makro sequence builder, auto contrast and many more.


Easy “One-Click” access to accurate distance or area information.

In some cases, it can be necessary to measure objects, like explosive material, or distances in the X-ray images. The Xplus Security offers a comprehensive measurement toolbox containing a point to point measurement through line profiles and area measurement based on dynamic thresholding.

Fixed systems can be pre-calibrated or calibration is being done within seconds. The operator can use a calibration target or carry out a calibration estimation through an object with roughly known dimensions. All tools are available on a single mouse click and applied in an intuitive way to ensure a simple and efficient working principle.

Dual energy

Highlight organic material for reliable classification of suspicious items.

The material-classification of objects in X-ray images can be a challenging task. In the field of explosive ordnance disposal, it might be necessary to differentiate between organic and anorganic material. Therefore, the in-house developed dual energy module takes X-ray images from the same scene with different energy levels and matches to extract the density.

A colored representation of the X-ray image allows a fast and reliable classification, while the raw images can be processed for detailed inspection. The most common application of the Dual Energy technology are airport luggage scanners. VisiConsult brings this technology to mobile in-field devices.

Forensics and counter surveillance

High accuracy inspection systems for forensics and counter surveillance forces.

Systems used for forensic applications and counter surveillance have to be mobile, discrete and with highest precision. Typical tasks are the search for wire-taps in electrical devices or other modifications of delicate structures. The forensics module allows inspection with highest accuracy and a resolution up to 48 microns. The mobile operation systems are light weight, battery operated and have Wi-Fi capabilities.

An absolute novelty is the innovative image comparison tool that directly highlights alterations since the last revision. Operators can browse the inspection history through the mission log and add comments or remarks. In dedicated case studies this tool increased the detection rate of modifications by a huge amount compared to purely visual inspection.

Mission Log archive

Easy and compliant archiving of relevant mission data for future reference.

The mission log is a one of the base functions of the Xplus Security. The functionality is like a database to archive inspection results grouped into missions. All images, comments and X-ray parameters are saved complying to military standards. This ensures all information bundled for convenient later review and decision justification. Mission logs can be exported through a single click. Comments and remarks can be added after the operation and can be used in future missions as a reference. This way all information and most important X-ray parameters are preserved.

Developed in corporation with multiple military and police force this toolbox is fulfilling all demands of security forces, while being optimized for a fast and efficient usage on touch monitors.