Stahl-Guss_IconWeld inspection

Welding is a method to connect two metallic materials and is used during the manufacturing process of many industrial products. X-ray inspection is a mandatory test to fulfill the demanding international quality standards.

All safety relevant welds have to be tested in compliance to international standards like the EN-17636, ASME, ISO and many others. This is especially the case for pipes and tanks/boilers used in the oil and gas industry. Another huge sector is the aerospace industry with oddly shaped parts. Our Xplus is also certified through the Boeing 7042/7044 and NADCAP standard that proves the reliability of results.

As the diversity of welding techniques, welding products and material combination is very high VisiConsult deployed many custom systems over the years: Double wall inspection of endless steel tubes, class B panoramic butt weld inspection systems and many more. We are also renown for our reliable pipe/tank mill inspection systems to check all longitudinal, circumferential and even the manhole welds in an automated in-line process. Results can be archived conveniently via DICONDE servers, image databases or even real-time video recorders for proof of inspection and quality.

  • Faster inspection process by using Digital Radiography (DR) as a film replacement
  • Detect typical welding flaws like cracks, porosities, undercuts, inclusions etc.
  • Compliant to international st