The main use of X-ray in the electronics industry is to inspect finalized products and major components. Next to general inspection-tasks VisiConsult specialized in contactless component counting of SMD’s. Using X-ray technology speeds this necessary process up by over 500%.

Typical electrical parts that need to be inspected are high voltage switches, breakers, insulators and fuses. These components can be either checked in-line with an Automated Defect Recognition (ADR) for positioning, completeness and defects without human interaction or through mobile spot check systems for power-plant revision. With installed inspection systems at renowned customers like SIEMENS VisiConsult has plenty of expertise in designing tailored systems for complex inspection tasks.

The second field is the contactless counting as today mass-market electronics are manufactured almost exclusively on high-performance assembly machines. Time is literally money. Therefore, two aspects are of particular importance: maximum quantities and minimum changeover time. When it comes to the necessity of counting components before or after the assembly progress most manufacturers are still using the old fashioned approach of manual counting devices. VisiConsult, as a specialist for X-ray systems and automation, developed the XRHCount in order to speed up this time consuming process.

Through many years of experience in advanced X-ray inspection tasks the XRHCount has the shortest cycle time (8-10 seconds) and highest accuracy (over 99.9%) of the market. Another cornerstone is the native interface to all major EMS/ERP systems and most barcode scanners/label printers. Please find more comprehensive information in our technologies section.

  • Inspect major components like high voltage switches, breakers, insulators and fuses etc.
  • Contactless SMD component counting to increase efficiency over 500%
  • Advanced 3D analyses with Computed Tomography (CT)
  • Highlight defects with the powerful Xplus image enhancement tools
  • Automated Defect Recognition (ADR) for certain parts