Stahl-Guss_IconAluminum Casting

To avoid material failure, it is necessary to use X-ray to test casting parts for typical defects: porosities, cracks or inclusions in the wrong area can have severe consequences. Especially safety relevant parts in the automotive or aerospace sector have to be inspected completely.

Aluminum casting parts are used in many different industries. Due to the high security standards the automotive industry has to test many crucial parts like pistons, chassis parts, engine blocks, brake systems, cylinder heads and many more. Another huge sector is the aerospace industry with turbines or similar parts.

In case of high volume production the only feasible way to maintain a high throughput is in-line inspection using fully automatic ADR systems like the XRHRobotStar. Many R&D labs also fine-tune their casting procedure for new products using the innovative VisiConsult CT solutions. The XRH111 for example helps to detect porosity cluster, defect patterns, actual-nominal comparison and many other helpful analyses.

All our solutions are proven in field and are designed in a sturdy industrial design to endure the demanding conditions inside a “dirty” production area and are optimized to have a maximum throughput. Compliance to industry standards and company standards is a must – benefit from our yearlong experience in this sector.

  • Detection of porosities, inclusions, cracks and other flaws
  • Geometric measurement of inner structures
  • Advanced 3D analyses with Computed Tomography (