In a critical environment like aerospace nearly every part is X-ray inspected. Already minor material faults can have severe consequences. VisiConsult is offering high end systems that fulfill even the most demanding industry standards.

Suppliers of big civil aerospace manufacturers like Airbus or Boeing need to fulfill not only strict international standards like NADCAP but also specific company standards like BSS7042/7044. Together with a renowned aerospace supplier VisiConsult developed a Boeing certified toolbox to verify the compliance to EN-17636 for weld inspection. The test results have to be saved together with the process information into a non-alterable DICONDE file to fulfill the standard.

As many parts in the aerospace sector are either oddly shaped, like special tubes, or have big dimensions, like turbines or wing-parts, VisiConsult developed the XRHGantry. This flexible roof-mounted inspection system can trace even complex contours and house big parts. Another challenge is the special material use: Titanium with very thin wall thickness, carbon-fiber, honeycomb structures and complex composite material demand for a superior image enhancement software to detect defects.

During the R&D process many of our customers also use the innovative VisiConsult CT solutions to fine tune single components. Typical applications are the detection of porosity clusters, defect patterns, actual-nominal comparison and many other helpful analyses. All our solutions are proven in field and have many successful reference installations in the aerospace industry. Please inquire our sales