Video Recorder (VCR)

Archiving videos of the inspection process in real-time is a required procedure for many applications and industries. Typical reasons to use the VCR module are verification of the inspection procedures or storage of in-motion test results.

The Xplus VCR is a real-time image recording module that has dozens of successful installations on the market. Typical applications are archiving pipe weld-inspection results and general quality control in critical environments like defense. The seamless integration makes it possible to apply LiveFilters, overlays and other image enhancement tools to retrieve the best inspection results.

The operator has the choice between different video formats, compression rates and filter presets. Due to the flexibility of the Xplus the video recorder can be used with all available image sources like Image Intensifiers (II) or Flat Panel Detectors (DR). The Xplus Handle automatically segments the video and archives the results together with static inspection images. This allows full traceability of the test parts in case of a future review request.

  • Motion analysis of moving parts for advanced tests
  • Up to class B lossless storage – compression can be chosen freely
  • Suitable for real-time weld inspection in respect to EN -17636
  • Completely independent from image source
  • Working with LiveFilters for brilliant images, intelligent noise reduction and overlays
  • Approved by military standards as prove of inspection

The VCR offers video capturing in several qualities. Depending on the inspection requirement and storage availability the inspection supervisors can build customized pre-sets for every single test-part. With the lossless recording mode class B of the EN-17636 can be easily achieved. For uncritical parts the compression can be set to class A or even below to reduce space requirements. Compression: MPEG-4 – Archiving: AVI – Codec: DivX and Lagarith

For more information and detailed videos of this feature please contact your VisiConsult representative.