Image sources

The Xplus is a universal X-ray image enhancement and processing system that is able to interface all common image sources on the market. Operators can work in the same inspection environment detached from the used image technology, which increases performance and flexibility.

X-ray images can be obtained through various technologies: Classic approaches are Film (RT) and analogue Image Intensifiers (II). Most modern applications use Digital Radiography (DR) through Flat Panel Detectors (FPD/DDA) and Line Cameras (LDA) or Computed Radiography (CR) through CR-scanners. Our in-house developed image enhancement software Xplus supports all common image sources on the market. Furthermore, VisiConsult is not bound to a certain brand and will offer the best solution for every application depending on customer preference or purely based in cost-benefit ratio. This leads to a maximum degree of freedom in component selection. The only thing that matters for us is quality and cost-efficiency to supply the best solution for every application.

Every image source has their advantages and disadvantages. The DR technology for example provides the possibility to do a real-time inspection of test-parts. On the other hand, a DR panel is always a stiff structure. In case it is needed to wrap the image source around the specimen the choice would be CR or film. This selection is not trivial and requires a lot of practical experience. Our application engineers will do the necessary tests in our laboratory to advise the best setup for every case.

  • Existing interfaces to all common image sources
  • Complete integration of all hardware/software features (calibration etc.)
  • Easy replacement of image sources based on different technology or manufacturer
  • Strong cooperation with suppliers for best quality and integration
  • Plug and play connection to all integrated hardware
  • Choice between: Computed or Digital radiography or film digitizers