NADCAP and Boeing

To ensure highest quality of safety relevant parts X-ray inspection systems in the aerospace industry have to comply to international standards. The certified VisiConsult Boeing and NADCAP toolbox automatically evaluates image quality and component compliance.

The Xplus has been developed in cooperation with Boeing and certified to assist aerospace suppliers in the demanding BSS 7044/7042 audit. The toolbox generates quality reports in compliance to EN-17636 and ASTM and determines the spatial resolution, contrast and signal-to-noise ratio. The result can be viewed directly in the main window. Approved through dozens of installations worldwide for suppliers of most major civil and military the Xplus is an reliable and accomplished inspection suite for critical parts in the aerospace industry.

All key values are obtained automatically by the toolbox to make any external calculation obsolete. A core functionality is the qualification procedure of the detector. This includes the detection and correction of “Bad-Pixels”, which are defect or unstable. The Xplus offers an automatic Bad-Pixel-Map generation tool in compliance to ASTM 2597 as part of the automated self-calibration toolbox. To allow complying image and result archiving all results can be saved into universal DICONDE files.

  • Certified through Boeing Level-3 supervisor
  • Successful running reference systems worldwide
  • NADCAP certified for advanced aerospace applications
  • Self-validation of spatial resolution, contrast sensitivity etc.
  • Automated generation of Bad-Pixel-Map for digital detectors
  • Fully DICONDE compliance (standalone or server)
  • Industry standards like ASTM-2727, ASTM-2597, EN17636, AC-7114/6
  • Company standards like BSS-7044, BSS-7042