As a supplier of innovative X-ray inspection solutions VisiConsult has always focused on constantly developing new technology. Some of the highlights are compatibility with all common image sources on the market, the fast QUICKscan Computed Tomography (CT) algorithm, the most versatile Automated Defect Recognition (ADR) and much more.

To stay ahead VisiConsult allocates major resources to R&D and works closely with renown universities and research institutes. The next pages contain brief explanations of some core technologies and features used in our products. In case of more detailed questions don’t hesitate to contact our X-ray experts.

products_2 röntgenanlage automatisierte Röntgeninspektion xray solution
Casting-x-ray-filter-image-enhancement-visiconsult-xplus-inverted-film röntgenanlage automatisierte Röntgeninspektion xray solution

The aim of image enhancement is to improve interpretability or perception of defects in X-ray images for human viewers or automated inspection tools like ADR. The Xplus offers a broad variety of filters and sophisticated algorithms for an efficient inspection.

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The aerospace industry has highest requirements towards inspection quality. In respect to the Boeing 7044/42 and NADCAP  it is needed to carry out automated detector performance and image quality checks. The Xplus is certified and approved by these standards. Find out more about the underlying principles.

To solve an inspection problem operators can choose from a broad variety image sources like Film, Image Intensifiers and Digital Radiography (DR). Every technology has distinctive advantages and disadvantages. Our Xplus is able to interface all available solutions leading to a flexible technology choice.

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CT enables a 3D reconstruction and inspection of test parts. Typical applications are defect distance analysis or actual nominal comparison. To enable a feasible usage in every day inspection VisiConsult developed a very fast and reliable inspection workflow.

Typically X-ray images are very hard to evaluate in real-time live mode due to noise and low contrast. To enhance the quality VisiConsult developed MotionDetect and LiveFilters to retrieve brilliant images with a glassy look. This leads to crisp images with a high dynamic range (HDR) for fast and easy visual inspection.

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In high volume production it is necessary to carry out the automatic defect detection to increase the throughput. This leads to an interaction free process that can run 24/7. Next to flaw detection our in-house developed VAIP can also do measurement and completeness checks on complex parts.

To prove a correct inspection process and quality some industries or end-customers demand a real-time video acquisition and archiving. Especially in the field of tank/pipe weld inspection the results need to be archived in accordance to highest test classes. This can be done through the VCR module without quality loss.

Component counting is a necessity in the process of modern electronics manufacturers (EMS). To speed up this process VisiConsult developed the fastest and most accurate contactless counter using X-ray technology and sophisticated image processing.

DICONDE is a file format for the NDT industry and based on the medical DICOM format. All inspection and process information can be saved conveniently together with the X-ray image. This allows the transition to digital technology in critical industries like aerospace.