NDT X-ray Toolbox

NDT technicians and X-ray operators have to use a variety of demanding quality standards that require complicated calculations on a daily basis. This includes distinguishing the right IQI for a certain setup, choosing the right energy for a given material and part thickness or calculating the optimal magnification depending on the focal spot and detector. Therefore, VisiConsult developed a comprehensive mobile application for iOS and Android . The application is completely free and easy to use.

Developed by users of X-ray technology for users of X-ray technology the app is peer reviewed and will be constantly extended by new features. In case of suggestions for new features, found bugs or other feedback please feel free to send a message though the contact form. Both Android and iOS always offer the same functionality.

  • Intuitive unit converter including distances, time, weight and many more
  • Calculate geometric / optimal magnification, unsharpness etc.
  • CT calculations of projections, required energy, geometric values etc.
  • Comprehensive overview about all X-ray ASTM and ISO standards
  • Overview and converter for many different Image Quality Indicators
  • Extensive overview and explanations of common formulas and terms

The app offers many calculations NDT technicians often have to perform: Geometric calculations, Optimal magnification, image unsharpness, required number of CT projections, voxel size, penetration calculator and many more. Additionally, a set of converters is offered, like an international unit converter or an IQI converter. Also, very helpful is the X-ray norm glossary listing and explaining all ASTM/ISO standards. Commonly used Formulas and terminology is explained. Download the App for iOS and Android now for free.