The core of every system is the in-house developed image enhancement system Xplus. In case hardware control is necessary the Xplus Handle bundles all functions. Constant development and 25 years of experience combined with a maximum flexibility towards special process requirements allow our customers to be a step ahead!

Advanced features like overlay tools, macro generators, filter builders, live image enhancement, report toolkits, DICONDE integration, measurement tools and many more make the Xplus the most sophisticated software on the market and lead to brilliant image quality. All major international industry standards like ASTM, EN17636-2, Boeing 7042/44, NADCAP etc. are fulfilled natively. VisiConsult is a highly agile and flexible company and therefore special software or even hardware requirements can be easily implemented on customer demand!

The Xplus offers brilliant image quality, an efficient workflow and advanced inspection analyses. Compliance with all common international standards and a highly customizable process make the Xplus a powerful X-ray inspection tool. With hundreds of reference installations worldwide the system is widely accepted through many different industries.

The Xplus Handle is an in-house developed control suite that can interact with all common X-ray components (detector, tube, generator) and combines the mechanical, electrical and safety control. All functionalities can be easily customized to special requirements, while every functionality can be automated into advanced inspection sequences.

Xplus Security is the only EOD/IEED software worldwide with a multi device option. Many years of experience with Special Forces and armies have led to an intuitive inspection process which exactly meets the requirements of the operators. Sophisticated modules like robot integration, high energy X-ray tubes, forensic tool, WiFi operation and dual energy make the Xplus Security a universal inspection tool.

NDT technicians and X-ray operators have to use a variety of demanding quality standards that require complicated calculations on a daily basis. This includes distinguishing the right IQI for a certain setup, choosing the right energy for a given material and part thickness or calculating the optimal magnification depending on the focal spot and detector. Therefore, VisiConsult developed a comprehensive mobile application for iOS and Android .