The InSpect is perfectly suitable for laboratories, dentists, forensic institutes and educational bodies, but can also be used in the industrial environment to inspect electronics, castings or other parts. The system is available with various hardware configurations depending on the inspection task. In order to ensure an easy inspection, the system can be operated as a stand-alone device through the high- resolution touch panel and a simplified Xplus software.

Intuitive operation principle

To ensure fast and easy part placement the cabinet has a number of guiding rails on different heights. The special tray plate is made of low density material to keep X-ray interference to a minimum. Depending on the desired magnification the tray can be inserted to the rails. This allows the operator to quickly modify the geometric magnification. A higher magnification results in a smaller field of view, but also increases the image accuracy. Special part holders can be built by the operator depending on the requirements. The special cabinet design allows versatile usage for many different applications and part sizes in a single system.

Optional automations

If the cabinet shall be integrated into a production line, VisiConsult offers an automation upgrade. This allows conveyor belts to run through the cabinet body to perform automated (ADR) in-line inspection. Such solutions are always customized towards the specific application.

Modular design and high quality

To provide the best inspection results VisiConsult supplies a broad variety of X-ray components. The tube and detector can be freely combined depending on customer preferences or application requirements, which are determined through complex case studies. For a maximum safety the cabinet is certified by the German TÜV and CE to ensure no X-ray leakage and the fulfillment of all related standards. The robust industrial design, developed and produced in Germany, guarantees a long lifetime and low downtimes even under demanding conditions. The inspection results can be reviewed at the system, in an operator cabinet or through offline-stations.

The InSpect cabinet is equipped with a high resolution touch panel for fast and intuitive operation. All main functions of the system like energy, current and exposure time can be set within seconds. Commonly used parameters can be easily stored.

In case the real-time module with a digital radiography detector (DDA) is installed the user can directly display an image preview on the panel and perform basic image enhancement.

Depending on the application and inspected specimens the InSpect cabinet can be equipped with a Microfocus or Minifocus tube. The VisiConsult application team will suggest the right choice depending on a customer specific case study.

The Microfocus tube allows high magnification for the inspection of even delicate structures like electronic components or organic materials. The Microfocus tube has more power to penetrate also materials with higher density like aluminum castings or other metal objects.