Small things can make the biggest difference! VisiConsult has the aspiration to reach perfection – even in details. Over the year our engineering team developed many accessory products that increase our customer’s inspection quality and efficiency. This section will provide a glimpse on this portfolio.

Some accessories like the shutter-filter unit or the quiet generator cooler became an optional feature in the standard X-ray inspection systems. Other products like the ultra-precise RadEye detector and the focal spot camera can be purchased as stand-alone solutions.


The XRHStand is a light weight and easy to handle semi-mobile solution. Initially developed for a German museum this stand can be used for a broad variety of applications. Different types of tubes can be mounted to the top-holder, while the image source is placed below the movable table. The magnification can be changed freely and it is possible to use a Flat Panel Detector, CR plates or films as an image source.

The light weight materials make this handling system the perfect choice for mobile inspections. In total this handling device is the perfect choice for customers with limited budget and no need for an extensive part manipulation. The layout and design can be changed freely depending on the inspection requirements.

RadEye Detector

High quality single-wall weld inspection of thin tubes was an unsolvable problem for Flat Panel Detectors – till now. VisiConsult developed a revolutionary detector that allows to inspect tubes with an inner reel diameter of 120mm and bigger. Through many successful installations at renown pipe manufacturers worldwide the RadEye has proven its industrial reliability and robustness.

With a resolution of 48µm the modern CMOS sensor easily fulfills class B of the EN-17636 standard even on thinnest materials. In combination with the Xplus image enhancement software the detector delivers a brilliant image quality for all kinds of applications.


The Filter/Shutter unit is an electro-pneumatic filter system that can be controlled through the user interface of the Xplus Handle. Essential features of this system are a fast shutter speed and CNC programmable drives that make it also usable in sequences or ADR inspection. The configuration of the three filter mounts can be changed by the customer in terms of thickness and material (lead, copper, aluminum etc.).

Standard configuration: The shutter is equipped with a lead disk (5 mm) to cover the X-ray beam during warmup and movement to prevent a blooming of the image when changing the position. The other two sliders carry copper disks of 0.5 and 1 mm thickness. This setup offers the possibility of 4 different filter situations: 0, 0.5, 1.0, 1.5 mm copper to harden the X-ray beam if necessary.

FineTune Detector Holder

The FineTune detector holder is an optional module for  C-Arm systems, like the XRH222, to achieve the last notch of quality and simplicity for Computed Tomography (CT) applications. The detector can be adjusted through seven high-precision axes with a translational accuracy of 20µm and rotational accuracy of less than 0.01°. All axes are completely decoupled and the centre of rotation is exactly in the centre of the detector’s active area. Through a locking keyway a set of favourite positions can be setup in seconds.

A pneumatic automatic shift feature eliminates artifacts in 3D Computed Tomography inspection that are caused by dead pixels. To maintain flexibility in case of multiple detectors the Quick-change connector reduces the time to switch to a new detector from hours to seconds. The holder offers sophisticated features, while ensuring a simple working principle.


This device was developed as a high quality convection based air cooler for tubes up to 225kV and is designed to operate in dirty and dusty industrial environments. It is an alternative to the widely used Laird cooler. The most important features of the in-house developed device are a long lifetime, enhanced temperature range and fast maintenance. All sieves and filters can be changed within minutes. Diagnostic signals are directly tracked in the Xplus Handle to ensure an early reaction.

To reduce the noise level in production or inspection areas the intelligent cooling system regulates itself to decrease the noise emission. The cooler can be purchased as a stand-alone component or can be included in the VisiConsult standard systems.


The VisiConsult pinhole camera allows to take and analyze digital images of the actual focal spot of any X-ray tube in compliance to DIN EN 12543-2. The cycle time per image is roughly 30 seconds per shot. Included is a software suite that can segment the focal spot and analyze the focal spot dimensions and area. The results can be easily reported into a Microsoft Excel Report or printed into the retrieved image as an overlay for documentation purposes.

Due to the easily exchangeable pinhole it is possible to measure the different focal spots at double focus tubes with for example 1 mm and 3 mm focal spot size. The camera is self-calibrating and supports the plug and play principle. The past approach focused on taking an image of focal spots through analogue films that were hard to analyze.


To collimate the X-ray beam VisiConsult developed a set of diaphragms that can be used on the tube or detector side. This prevents blooming, protects unshielded areas of the specimen or detector and can reduce the range of gray values. This has a notable impact on the inspection quality and throughput of X-ray inspection systems.

There are various customizable choices available: 2 axes rectangular, iris shape and many more. The diaphragm can be part of any VisiConsult system and is completely controlled through the user interface of the Xplus Handle. Diaphragms can also be ordered stand-alone or as a retrofit for existing systems.