VisiConsult offers a broad portfolio of X-ray inspection solutions. The public security sector covers reliable solutions for explosive ordnance disposal (EOD or IED) that are used by counter terrorist squads all around the world. In the civil sector the two main sectors are Non Destructive Testing (NDT) and electronics. In the field of NDT VisiConsult is known for reliable industry solutions and sophisticated automated inspection systems for visual inspection, Automated Defect Recognition (ADR) and Computed Tomography (CT) .

As a supplier of customized solutions, our customers don’t have to adapt to the system – the system will adapt to the process. Last but not least VisiConsult recently developed an innovative counting device for SMD-components in the electronics industry that revolutionized the material handling workflow. Overall VisiConsult is driven by development and innovations to provide cutting edge technology for a reasonable price. All systems are manufactured and designed in Germany.

This configurator makes it easy to browse through the portfolio of standard solutions. Just select your applications and requirements. In case of special requirements our accomplished engineers are looking forward to your challenge and will provide a detailed consulting in terms of customized inspection solutions.

products_2 röntgenanlage automatisierte Röntgeninspektion xray solution

X-ray inspection is an important part of industrial quality management. Modern standards demand a detailed inspection and reliable image archiving. VisiConsult has yearlong experience with many different applications and industries and hundreds of successful installations worldwide.

The XRHCount allows electronic manufacturers to reduce the component counting overhead by over 95%. Additionally the excess material and production-line stops are highly minimized. This outstanding performance makes it the leading contactless counter with the highest accuracy and fastest cycle time.

Accessories are optional modules or standalone solutions designed to increase the inspection workflow efficiency. All products are developed to provide a maximum efficiency. The VisiConsult portfolio ranges from mobile inspection stands to reliable generator coolers, focal spot cameras and much more.