New products by VCsecurity in response to COVID-19

https://vcsecurity.visiconsult.de/covid-19-en How can we return to everyday life in times of COVID-19? VisiConsult found the answer. The family company is known as an X-Ray innovator from Germany. "Discover the invisible" was the motto until COVID-19 and it still is, although with new products without X-ray high-tech. Various [...]

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Corona Statement

Due to the ongoing situation with Covid 19, we at VisiConsult have established appropriate measures to protect our employees and ensure our ability to deliver with known reliability. This includes home office, travel restrictions and increased hygiene standards. Our production facilities remain operational and our team is working hard to serve our customers globally. A [...]

2020-03-16T14:25:41+01:0016. March 2020|General|

VCsecurity appoints new Sales Partner analyticon

VCsecurity appoints new Sales Partner analyticon VCsecurity, a Division of VisiConsult, has appointed analyticon instruments gmbh, a German sales company for handheld instruments for the identification of unknown chemical hazards or metal alloys, as their new sales partner, effective 1st march 2020. Based in Rosbach v. d. Höhe, Germany, analyticon will expand [...]

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DGZfP visits VisiConsult

Subcommittee “Interfaces” of DGZfP visits VisiConsult The German Society for nondestructive material testing (DGZfP) invited its subcommittee “Interfaces” for two days (February 19.-20.) to come to Stockelsdorf to VisiConsult. The DGZfP is the world’s oldest society for nondestructive material testing. The DGZfP organizes sponsorships in science and research and offers communication between [...]

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VisiConsult recognized as world market leader

VisiConsult recognized as world market leader for customized X-ray systems The three chambers of industry and commerce in Flensburg, Kiel and Lübeck present 33 of their member companies in the brochure "Best Performances from the Real North". These companies draw attention to themselves as world / EU market or technology leaders. Among [...]

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Ohm & Haener signs big order on the Euroguss show

Ohm & Haener signs big order for new VisiConsult X-ray system on the Euroguss show The Euroguss in Nuremberg is the leading casting exhibition in Europe. The innovative X-ray company VisiConsult from northern Germany was able to log a large order from Ohm & Haener Metallwerk for a high-end inspection system directly [...]

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VisiConsult supports automotive sector with 100% inspection by real inline CT solution

The structural transformation towards electromobility poses enormous challenges for automotive suppliers, because new materials and production technologies are necessary. The occurrence of critical material defects is prevented by non-destructive material testing, for example by Computed Tomography (CT). VisiConsult, as a provider of innovative X-ray solutions, has already been able to install several full automated [...]

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Active break for DGZfP at 
X-Ray innovator VisiConsult

The German Society for Non-destructive Testing. (DGZfP) invited its Technical Committee Radiographic Session (FA D) for two days from 26.-27. November to the company VisiConsult in Stockelsdorf, Germany. The Technical Committee includes the Computed Tomography Subcommittee and the Digital Radiography Subcommittee. The Deputy Chairman of the Subcommittee CT is VisiConsult's Head of Application, Dr. [...]

2019-11-28T16:32:36+01:0028. November 2019|CT, General, NDT|

Sauter Elektonik buys XRHCount during productronica 2019

VCcount, the new electronics division of VisiConsult participated at productronica 2019 and sold to a brand-new customer one of their systems. It’s been a successful event for VCcount. Many visitors stopped by and demonstrated interest. The team presented two new features, the Worry-free Counting package as a new payment model, and they sold one [...]

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